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Logs from Arduino odissey: day one

1 February 2016

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After tinkering with a Raspberry Pi 2 i bought off from Amazon two or three weeks ago, and ending up with a totally unplanned and unneeded (but way faster&cheaper&reliable) duplicate of my home iOmega HMNHD nas, I decided it was time to play with circuits and breadboards, so i got this Arduino Uno rev3, together with a Sunfounder Starter Kit packed with a lot of stuff like sensors, jumpers, resistors and other things i haven’t yet discovered the use. Oh, and a 10yrs Laphroaig whisky to keep me warm (optional).

The goal: assembling and programming a remotely automated GSM thermostat

Thing is I really need “something” that lets me remotely switch on the heater of my lake house some hours before my arrival… Since I have no wifi or internet connection there, i have to go with sms or a call. I know it’s pretty ambitious considering my very poor knowledge of whatsoever electronic circuitry, but on the other hand i have time, patience and good programming skills… So, bypassed the initial difficulties to set up a temperature sensor, a gsm module and all the hardware stuff needed, it will be less difficult for me to program and refine the functionality.

Day one: very productive!

Fired up the board plugging it to my Chromebook and, looking for a way to compile the source code in order to run it on Arduino and start playing with buttons and LEDs, and i found this web app named Codebender that does everything without having to install any IDE or software on my laptop. Chromebooks have very limited software choice and very small internal storage, and even if i have a Crouton based Ubuntu install on it, chose not to fill my laptop with the official Arduino IDE – at the time being.  Must say it does what it says flawlessly for now.

Sunfounder kits come with a book with 11 lessons that teach you the very basics, i’m at lesson 2 and learned to fire up some external leds in sequence or via a button… 😀

Pretty lame for now, i know… but we’ll see